Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Antisocial, Essex, Reprobate, Decides, Who Can Talk, To Who, In Public

Dangerous, Ignorant, Poorly-Educated, Antisocial, Hysterical, Lying,
 Antagonising, Inflaming, Harassing, Threatening, Inciting, Thug ...



Indeed, learned nothing, from the terrible case, of Mr Bijan Ebrahimi

Reported to the media, for investigation - of course, the police, are already aware, of Mr Morris.









Information to therealosc@gmail.com, as usual, please.


Friday, 10 November 2017

The Nights, The Lying, Empty, Simpleton, Cowards Visited (Part 2)


The Nights, The Lying, Empty, Simpleton, Cowards Visited (Part 1) 



Within the last hour, of this post, Mr Phillip Hoban, of Leeds, published this Facebook video:

Specimen (B) ca. 19:30
In the, second, Live, video, here:

Specimen (C) ca. 20:45

... alongwith, the more trivial, rude and (incorrect), offensive, language and claims, Mr Hoban stated this ...

Dr Oldfield cannot 'stay away from you' (you are the aggressive, violent, antisocial, threatening, incorrect, trespasser), as he is doing nothing, but archiving and reporting, your potentially-illegal activities, for his safety and for the sake, of a safe and civilised society.

You are the man, who would, you say, physically-attack, cut the throats and blow-up fellow human beings, not Dr Oldfield.

You are the man, who turned up, to private property, in the darkness of night, uninvited and unannounced, making threats (albeit, that Dr Oldfield, had long-departed), causing fear, anxiety and distress, to the occupants.

You do not know where Dr Oldfield lives, you did not (appear) to know, in the initial attack, that he had left the property, hours before. He left, on the early morning, of 26/8/17 and has not returned; he never will.

This has been reported, to the police, as a matter of emergency, so as to safeguard those, at the original address, and those around them.


This is a series, of evidenced, episodes, of a potentially-illegal Course of Conduct, which Mr Hoban, received police advice (equivalent to a Harassment Warning), not to pursue; he has chosen to pursue it, within the social media arena.

If Mr Hoban, is experiencing anxiety or distress, harassment, or any other mental aberration, he is entitled to seek medical help and/or make a formal complaint, to the relevant authorities.

Why Mr Hoban, would like an adult man, to perform fellatio on him, one he accuses (incorrectly), of being a Paedophile, only he would be able to tell the world; perhaps another video, from Mr Hoban, would let viewers decide, if it was a worthy possibility?

Already reported, this, continued, action, will be pursued, next week, with West Yorkshire Police (it was, and the affected parties, were supported, by WYP).

Dr Oldfield, is a, very, reasonable man. A public apology, from Mr Hoban, will be accepted, in the spirit, in which it is offered.


13/11/17; ca. 14:28

Specimen (E)

"I want (?) about to catch your fucking arse, when you are about, pal."

 ... and if you do, Mr Hoban, what are your intentions?

Is Chris correct, in his interpretation, of your threat?

Now we know, that you are accessing the blog, perhaps you may make yourself, very, clear, of your intentions, towards Dr Oldfield?

We look forward, to another video, and then we will present, a series of questions, to you.

This will guide, what then, happens.



Continued stalking, harassment and dangerous agitation, by Predator Exposure, when they are well aware, of the situation:


Specimen (F)

The police, once again, have been informed, of the parties, involved.

The affected parties, were supported, by WYP.


We will allow, one week, for a further video response, from Mr Hoban, or email, to therealosc@gmail.com.



There have been no, further, videos, or emails, from Mr Hoban, on this issue.

This means, Mr Hoban's threats and intentions, are still vague, although outstanding.

We will now clarify, what led up to the police visit, to Mr Hoban's home.

(1) Once Dr Oldfield has left, following the initial attack, and was safe and stabilised, 
a complaint was made, to WYP.

(2) The intelligence was recorded, and that was to be the end of it, 
in-so-far, as Dr Oldfield was concerned, on the issue.

(3) Mr Hoban's, vigilante, gang, then carried out, the 'Heckmondwike Entrapment'.


We shall clarify, Mr Hoban's, confusions, lies, misinterpretations etc, in the near future.

For now: 


As for the vexatious attack, on Dr Oldfield, by Ms Sara Payne and Ms Shy Keenan, that is documented, here:

When Survivors Attack (Part 5): It Took You Enough Time To Get It Up



We have discussed, the incorrect usage, of such terms, such as, bastard, dirty, etc, and the reasons for using them, here:

Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends - Why They Are Dangerous, Pointless, Time-Wasting, Resource-Wasting, Ignorant, Hater, Fools



The OSC Statement, On This Issue

To follow.



More to follow.

Information to therealosc@gmail.com, as usual, please.  


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Mainly, But Often, For Even Much Worse Reasons


Just sport; dangerous, toxic, fun-filled, fame-hungry, fantasists', sport ...

... crying out, for idiot affirmation.


"We can do what we want".

Riding on the backs, of causes, which would not give them, the time of day.


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Why Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends, Antis, Vigilantes And Their Aggressive Thralls, Do What They Do


There Is Now No Need (Still) For The Paedophile Hunters [Sic] To Meet Their Prey - Ever


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Not The First Time, These Simpleton Reprobates, Have Caused Conflict, Social Unrest And Public Order Issues



The Likes Of Stinson Hunter's Prey And Sex With 'Kids' - Get A Clue !!! 


If you are affected, by any of the issues, raised, here ...

MAPs - you are not alone - very much, not alone ...

http://www.lucyfaithfull.org.uk - stopitnow.org.uk - circles-uk.org.uk - http://www.virped.org - http://b4uact.org - https://www.stopso.org.uk 

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